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  1. Jaime L - From Sarasota, FL

    I’ve made this panettone recipe, along with a few others, and this was by far my favorite. I agree, the fruit is not very evenly distributed through the final product, but that didn’t really change the great flavor and texture of the panettone. I made it again today for my kids, and used mini chocolate chips instead of the fruit, and it was AMAZING. To try and get them more distributed I pressed them into the dough so they would stay out during the folds, and then pressed some more in over the surface of the folds as they were made. The citrusy dough with the mini chips were so yummy in this light, fluffy panettone!!


  2. Rachita

    So excited to be making this recipe!

    My dough is proofing in the fridge overnight. I notice some rise but the dough itself has gotten harder and is not as suple as it was before it went in the fridge. I’m guessing it’s expected because of the butter, but just wanted to check if it’s ok. Also after I take it out from the fridge should i let it come to room temperature before proceeding to mix the fruit in?

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  3. Sugarplum

    This is delicious and kitchen smelled wonderful. Followed the recipe, overnight proofed and it rose beautifully. Only minor feedback, the fruit wasn’t evenly spread as some had mentioned. Otherwise this is a keeper.


  4. Sezen

    This recipe is gold! Thank you for the labor you put into this recipe, it was the perfect panettone which brought me back to italy!!
    My dough was much more sticky and buttery compared to the pictures. I think it helped to achieve the perfect texture


  5. Thessa

    Since it’s my first time doing the Panettone, I followed the recipe to a tee (dough was in the refrigerator for 2 days). The finished product looked beautiful and smelled good. However, I was not pleased with the eating part. 1. It was dry. 2. The fruits and nuts did not distribute evenly. They were “lined-up” and some slices did not get any. 3. It lacked the sweetness. 4. Texture was like white bread instead of presence of “holes” that make it fluffy. What could have happened?


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