No ImagePanzanella Bread Salad

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  1. Cris C

    Soaking raw onions in ice water for 30 minutes will also remove some of the bite and leave the crunch.

  2. Holly

    I cooked my onions in some butter left them cool an then added them by cooking the onions takes off some of the raw bite

  3. Mike Benayoun

    I see a lot of recipes where people don’t soak the bread in water, which is the way traditional panzanella is made. I personally sprinkle water+vinegar on the bread to get it wet before I incorporate it to the vegetables.

  4. Steve Hoge

    We made a panzanella this evening with 4 kinds of our homegrown tomatoes and added half-rounds of mozzarella and crispy pancetta along with the briefly seared peppers and onion threads. Oh, almost forgot the chunks of perfectly ripe avocado. Deliciious!

  5. Karenaperville

    I made this today and it was delicious! Good tomatoes and bakery bread are a MUST for the great taste that this recipe will provide. We had this along side fish and that was all that was needed. We loved how the flavors all shined through, complimenting each beautifully! I personally wouldn’t change a thing!

    One question for Elise: You end the recipe with the caveat regarding refrigerating the salad after making it since it’s a “no-no” for fresh tomatoes in terms of texture and taste…. but after eating it, leftovers should be refrigerated overnight for next day use, correct?

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