No ImagePaprika Chicken with Chickpeas

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  1. Lauren

    Wow!! Absolutely delicious. We added the suggested additional spices, and used boneless skinless thighs. My husband requested a double batch next time :)


  2. Mia G.

    I was able to freeze chicken thighs ( without chickpeas ) in a freezer gallon bag. I reduced lemon juice to tsp ( no zest ) because I knew from my experience with lasagna that lemon can be overpowering in freezer meal. I used fresh lemon juice and lemon zest on top off defrosted chicken and chickpeas before baking. I also seasoned chickpeas with paprika and dry oregano ( plus salt and pepper) before adding chicken and lemon. It was fantastic. Thank you for a recipe.

  3. Andrea

    I made this recipe for my family of 10 and then made it again the next week. The second time I served it my four year old yelled, “We should eat this every day!” The other 7 children started cheering. It is very rare that food is met with literal cheering. Kudos for a phenomenal recipe. I added an extra half an onion the second time because the onions are just crazy amazing.


  4. Rosey bosey

    So good!!!!!!! Thank you very much, Elise!!!! I didn’t even doctor it or try the other suggested spices (but I plan on trying it for next time not that the recipe needs any changing). At your suggestion of having a side salad, I chopped up raw bok Choy and sliced avocado on the side of same plate —inadvertently it mixed with seasoned chickpeas on the plate which added a little bit of roughage crunch and “avocado” flavor. With chickpeas it didn’t need crunch. The flavors were the best. I agree: bbq chips. Although no one else at the table agreed, they loved the dish too!! I am going to look up all your recipes now lol.


  5. JoAnn

    Delicious on so many levels! The spices were outstanding, and the lemon zest was subtle but infused a nice hint of citrus. My husband is not a Chickpea fan. Turns out, he loved the dish and kept commenting on how good it was. Thank you!!


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