No ImageParsnip Soup with Leeks and Parsley

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  1. Bethany

    I love this soup! I use better than Bouillon vegetable broth and a little more lemon!!

    I have enjoyed it both blended and unblended, but I prefer blended. Its springy and healthy but also hearty.

    It also pairs well with roasted squash.


  2. Irina

    Sooo good!


  3. Brc

    I didn’t have 2 full cups of finely chopped parsley left in the garden by the time the parsnips were ready to come out of the garden, post-frost. That’s a ton of parsley. So mine was just tinged green. The parsley should probably sit in the hot broth a bit if it’s not baby leaves– it stays in tiny flecks instead of fully blending if it’s older/tougher. The joys of cooking from a garden instead of a grocery store– less than perfect but truly seasonal products, unless you are a super-farmer ;) Otherwise it’s pretty yummy!

  4. Nancy Joy

    I made this to use up the CSA parsnips. I don’t even like parsnips but the soup was so delicious! Thanks, Elise.


  5. Eleni

    I made this soup last night and it was amazing – we devoured it. Had the leftovers for lunch today. I followed the recipe exactly, using veggie stock. So simple and so full of flavor. Thank you!


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