No ImagePasta with Artichoke Hearts, Sun Dried Tomatoes, and Toasted Almonds

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  1. Barbara

    I also added roasted red peppers


  2. Lisa

    Hi Elise — I went vegan last year, and this pasta dish is great. The nuts and zest give it that extra something in lieu of cheese. Thanks for the vegan recipes! -Lisa


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  3. Juliana H.

    I made this for an end-of-the-school-year potluck and people went crazy for it! I used penne since it’s what we had in the house but otherwise made it exactly as is. Delicious! I used to really dislike potlucks because I never knew what to bring, but this is a definite crowd-pleaser.


  4. A

    Toasted bread crumbs are another alternative to cheese, though that’s a lot of carbs.

  5. Nicole @ GFShoestring

    I’m so glad that you brought up the topic of gluten-free pasta, Elise. I have had the most success with gluten-free pasta, both warm and cold, and find that it reheats well when I follow a particular preparation technique.

    I cook the pasta until the moment the water becomes cloudy, meaning it has given off a lot of its starch. That is usually a few minutes short of the recommended boiling time. Then, I quickly drain it and rinse it with lukewarm water. I find this method to be somewhat less important when I use corn pasta, like Sam Mills, but essential when I use brown rice pasta.

    I ruined so many pounds of gluten-free pasta before figuring this out, so I thought maybe I’d save you some trouble!


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