No ImagePasta with Eggplant, Feta, and Mint

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  1. Deanne

    I made this recipe tonight. It came together easily and was delicious. When I make it again I’ll add more spinach.


  2. Jaclyn

    Just made this. Yums! I subbed spinach with some chye sim.

  3. Lauri

    Made this just as written and oh my, so delicious!


  4. Bruce

    I made this yesterday and it came out great! I had to make a few tweets though. For one I didn’t have any spinach available so instead I used fresh parsley and added some chopped baby bellas. I felt it needed a little tang so I added a hit if white wine vinegar. And lastly, my pregnant wife can’t eat feta at the moment so I substituted grated parmesan. Super delicious!

  5. Azkyroth

    Curious; what are some typical cultivars considered “globe?” Or is “globe” itself a cultivar? Do we simply mean “not long/fingery?” (I have Rosa Bianca and one of the white cultivars growing in pots on my porch…)

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