No ImagePasta with Slow Roasted Duck Confit

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  1. Denise

    I like it, just wish the others in family like duck a little more. It was very easy to make. I think the skin should be used as a garnish so it will stay crispy.

    Will probably make the roasted duck confit by itself again.


  2. Steffani James

    Son just shot 4 ducks.. ( Yes, it’s duck season here).. Asked me to make him duck with spaghetti! Making this now. Thank you!

  3. Meeps

    Took away some leftover shredded duck when at a Chinese restaurant last night and used some for lunch today with this recipe.
    Didn’t have rosemary and so used thyme instead, simple recipe and amazing flavor! All cooking should be like this!

  4. Ann

    I see Rosemary mentioned in the overall description, but not in the list of ingredients or in the instructions. Fresh, dried, how much?

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  5. yeni

    I have a whole duck in the fridge that is waiting to get my hands on. I was thinking to roast it whole, but also want to make your super delish looking pasta with duck. Do you think it will work with the shredded meat from the roasted duck or should I cut up the leg part, make a confit out of it, then roast the not-so-whole duck anymore?

    It will work with the shredded meat from the roast duck, but it will not really be the same. ~Hank

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