No ImageTuna and Tomato Pasta Casserole

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  1. Noor

    My husband loved this recipe. He’s normally not a big fan of very cheesy dishes but he described it as “very very delicious”. I added an extra can of tuna to the recipe because I felt like we needed to taste more tuna. Also, I didn’t have the mentioned types of cheese so I used Mozzarella and Emmental cheese instead. Simple, easy & satisfying. Thank you!!


  2. Leah

    Fantastic recipe! Didn’t have ricotta, but subbed for cottage cheese – extra protein bonus! So simple and satisfying. Great recipe for when you don’t have a ton of groceries on hand. Looking forward to the leftovers tonight!


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  3. Marianne

    Yikes, this looks too good!
    However there’s only two of us; has anyone just halved this recipe? I know I can’t freeze the left-overs…

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  4. SandyG.

    The first time I make a dish I try to stick close to the actual recipe. This time I did cheat and added Penzey’s amazing garlic powder, Italian seasonings, plus I doubled the amount of ricotta. Since my 1950’s oven broiler is insane, I baked the dish for ten minutes then broiled for 2 mins.

    Absolutely delicious. I could tell my wife had her doubts about this tuna-tomato recipe, but once she tasted it, she was all “yummy!”

    I loved it due to the ease. Cook sauce in one pot, pasta in another larger pot. Drain pasta, mix everything into the pasta pot, then toss into the square casserole dish.



  5. Mary

    HELP, I don’t have ricotta in the house, what other cheese could i use?

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