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  1. Carolyn

    I baked 4 mini loaves this morning, due to a shoulder injury everything’s late this year. I soaked dried fruit in rum over night, added 1/2 cup of brown sugar & 1/2 cup of sugar. I also added 1/2 tea of baking powder, 1/2 cup of strained vanilla yogurt, 1 tea of vanilla, 1 TB of molasses & half the fruit as suggested. Once out l brushed the hot cakes with spicy rum. B/c of nut allergies l skipped the nuts. Very delicious fruitcake :-)


  2. Sylvain Champagne (Canada)

    Merci beaucoup – Très délicieux !


  3. Darlene

    This was exactly what I wanted. Moist and perfect cake texture. Making another one. I soaked my cheesecloth in dark rum and after a month it’s still moist with no liquor taste.

  4. Lawrence

    Hi Elise! My boss always ask a fruit cake and they gave me a recipe, while browsing the internet i found exact ingredients and procedure! And i know for sure that this recipe was done by you! I also put this in my youtube channel! This is really good!

  5. Cammy

    May i know the ingredients in grams,Thanks a lot

  6. Simon

    The cakes are great!!!!! But I have a big dilemma, my Mother in law like sweet cake, but not my wife , Sister in law, Brother in law and sons . I reduce the sugar to 130 grams and 90 gram respectively. At 90gram the cake is crumbly when cut., is the amount of sugar make the different ?

  7. MaryAlecia

    Made this for my husband and he enjoyed it! Had to sub/change a few things: dates were a bit dried out so I sprinkled with warm water and bourbon, used dried cherries instead of glazed, and added unsweetened dried blueberries. I also used all brown sugar! I’ll make again for the New Year and used the cherries called for. Thanks for a tasty, easy recipe!

  8. Nancy M Sneed

    My brother made this fruitcake for the first time and it was excellent. Thank you very much for the recipe.

  9. Jim

    I will make this for the first time. I don’t like the production cakes that are available, either. Mom taught me to bake when I was twelve, now 73.

  10. Jillxz

    This cake looks delicious , but I prefer more fruit and nuts. I like my fruitcake tightly packed with fruit and nuts . It has very little cake in it as the fruit , nuts , dates and raisins take up the cake batter.My mother made the best fruitcake I have ever eaten

  11. Phyllis Arnfinson

    Can you freeze it until Christmas

  12. Aravind

    Thank you very much! It’s my first time I tried and my friends are a big of my cake(Oops; your cake)

  13. Warren

    Simply amazing!!! Any variations of nuts and dried fruits are the best!!!

  14. T Gordon

    I’ve looked for a great fruit cake recipe for years, and this is it. I especially like that it can be varied and the recipie doesn’t have to be cut down to make 1 loaf. I have made it with candied pineapple, dates, chocolate chips, and will try it with coconut next. A generous shot of brandy poured over the top, after it has cooled, has also been popular. Thanks for the post.

  15. Robyn

    I’m now in love with fruit cake after all these years eating horrible store bought garbage. Worked perfectly with out the water in the stove too. I forgot but no one has complained. I will do as the author does next year and make two, one for now and one for later with the boubon.

  16. Denise Kennedy

    Could this be made in a small Bundt pan?

  17. Radha

    I made this and it came out fabulous. I added a variation of dried fruit and nuts. I didn’t put the water underneath and it still came out well. The cake traveled overseas and my family is raving all about it!

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