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  1. sharivin

    cake is very taste and very good smile


  2. Ertiqua

    The taste was great. Thank you for sharing the recepi. However, why did you mention 1.5-2 hrs of cooking? I baked for 40 min and I still believe the covering was a little hard. I would have destroyed my cake if it had been cooked for an hour


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  3. Clara

    Thanks so much for sharing! I’m looking forward to trying it this weekend. Do I place it on the middle rack with top and bottom heating?

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  4. Julz

    Oohhh I was so disappointed. It states that cooking time is 2 hrs but after an hour my cake was burned

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  5. Craig Richards

    I thought was a really good recipe I tweaked it slightly because I didn’t have some of the Fruit ingredients but the consistency was great it didn’t make it to the brandy stage. Chopped up some dried prunes as I didn’t have dates And I did a little bit of an exposure for my preference.
    Great cake


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