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  1. Alexi

    Thanks! I really loved this. I did use white peaches because that’s what I had. I thought it still turned out really flavorful (they were just picked and perfect, so maybe that’s why?). Also liked the crust but I love the sour cream crust on the site. Does that work well with the free form?

  2. Rachel

    Made this with blueberries added to the peaches, and smeared the bottom of the tart with mascarpone cheese before filling with the fruit. SO delicious! Every time I walked by the counter i cut off a sliver and it disappeared way too quickly. This was also the first time I made my own pie crust, and it was flaky and delicious!

  3. Donna

    I’d like to make this trying a smear of raspberry preserves on the crust before laying on the peach slices. How do you think this will be?

  4. Shirl

    Hi Elise! I made this a few times now. Thanks so much for sharing your family recipes. Couple times I used the crust recipe from your plum galette. Last night I used the original crust recipe. Both are fantastic! My husband and I love it so does our friends. My question is can I bake it and freeze it? And then reheated? If so, how? My husband keeps asking :) Thanks again!

    • Elise

      Hi Shirl, I think it might work better if you assembled it first, and froze it before baking. When ready to bake don’t bother to defrost first, just bake it longer.

  5. Dawn

    I just made this wonderful galette with some beautiful peaches, plus a scattering of raspberries and blueberries. As I am in France at the moment, and didn’t have access to almond paste, I put a thin layer of frangipane (kind of marzipan cream) onto the pastry, layering the fruit on top. Oh my! It was really wonderful. Our French friends were very impressed, so thank you, Elise!

  6. FatCatAnna

    Simply delicious. I used nectarines instead – and with cost of butter where I live in Canada – used organic coconut oil. I think I should open up a pastry shop now ;) Oh and even better – as a Type 1 diabetic – e.g. an insulin whore – the amount of sugar / carbs in this recipe did not make my blood sugars (BG’s) go whacky!! Merci beaucoup!!!

  7. Shirley Tammick

    I made this with nectarines with a few blueberries sprinkled on top. It was delicious! The crust is wonderful, flaky and cooked through and through. I wish I could post my photo. I made the crust using a fork.


  8. Erin Bogarte

    I have been practicing this recipe all summer. It’s just wonderful, and the best recipe I’ve found. I’ve also tried it with pears and it was pretty good, too, but peaches are the best.

    Here are some extra tips that I thought I’d pass along – things I wish I’d known.

    1. Slice the peaches thinly. It’s too hard to make into a spiral, otherwise.
    2. Make sure the peaches aren’t very ripe. Otherwise, the juices make the crust soggy.
    3. Pierce the crust a few times with a fork before baking.
    4. Bake directly on a pizza stone.

  9. T Crossley

    You can also make the galettes and freeze them. When you are ready to eat them, bake the frozen galettes as if they were fresh, adding a few minutes to the baking time. I make up a bunch of peach and nectarine galettes every year and freeze them. There’s nothing like a fresh peach galette in the middle of winter.

    • samantha

      This is fantastic! What do you wrap them in for the freezer?
      I’m in charge of brunch for a friends wedding and I’d love to prep a bunch of these!!!

  10. anne newman

    I saw your recipe on Pinterest. I have been making galettes for several months now and everyone loves them! They are consumed quickly, and I feel better about serving them as they are less fat, sugar, and calories than the pies or cobblers I used to make. BUT today, when I made a blackberry/peach galette, I realized that I had never moved it to a nice serving dish–that I had always just served it from the baking sheet. I would like to be able to take it, for example, to a church luncheon. So today, with help, I tried to move the galette onto a pretty plate. HELP! Is there a secet to doing this? I had to lift and move it via the parchment paper and then cut around the galette, leaving the parchment paper under it.

    The galette should be easy enough to lift up with a metal spatula and transfer to a plate. The bottom should be firm enough. ~Elise

  11. Julie M.

    Tried this recipe recently and loved it. The crust is soooo good. Thank you for sharing.

  12. janie

    I have made a fig galette & it turned out great! I hope to make your peach galette for a dinner party this weekend. I just have one question as I am a novice baker. When a recipe calls for butter does it mean ‘unsalted’ or ‘salted’ butter? Thank you for sharing such wonderful recipes :)

    Always use unsalted butter unless a recipe calls for salted. In the case of this recipe if you don’t have unsalted butter, then do not add any salt to the dough. ~Elise

  13. Jada

    I made this last week, and it was absolutely divine–so much so that I’m making two of them this evening for an Equinox party! By the way, since I’m making two, will that affect the baking time or temp? Thanks!

    Good question. It may take 5 minutes more or so. Just check to see how well the crust is browning. ~Elise

  14. Amy

    Delicious! I used my own crust recipe and slightly tweaked your filling to include almond flour and a pinch of ginger. Next time I might switch the ginger for cardamom. Yum!

  15. Trish

    I made this the other day and here are my thoughts: First let me say that it was a hit to the people I served it to. And all these things below are probably novice pie maker mistakes. They do not reflect on the recipe

    1. The crust was really tasty but I should have made a bigger circle. 12 inches was a bit small and the crust was a bit thich. However, it was flaky with REALLY GOOD flavor

    2. Probably should have used more peach as well. I am good at eyeballing savory ingredients but need to get my confidence up in baking pie making.

    3. Loved the almond. Used only the amount in the recipe….I would have added more but am glad I didn’t. It was just right.

    Hope this helps other novices

    Hi Trish, you can easily add more peaches, just know that the word “galette” typically refers to a pastry that is thin, which is why we use the amount of peaches we do in this recipe. But call it a rustic tart or free form pie and anything goes. ~Elise

  16. Jill

    Just made this last night – What a hit! The crust is close to croissant flakey – and the presentation looks spectacular. I made a few variations: Peeled the peaches, added a handful of blueberries but didn’t have any almond paste so I left that out. Adding this recipe to my frequent favorites. Thanks!

  17. Kathy

    I, too, made this two days in a row because it was so good the first time. It is so easy to make and elegant looking. A great recipe to impress your dinner guests with.

  18. charlotte

    Oh my. I made this dessert last night for a small group of friends. There were looks of amazement (was it that I’m not known for baking?). This is so good, so simple, that I’m making it again tonight for my significant husband. Once again I’ll dot with bits of almond paste. Fabulous. Thanks to you.

  19. kelli

    i made this last night and it was very good, though i found the crust to be a tad too salty. next time i’ll cut back a bit. thanks for the yummy recipe!

  20. Mary

    i made this for a girls-day with my mom and we enjoyed it so much. i will probably skip the almond paste next time – for my taste, it overpowered the peaches. the other alternatives you suggest sound great (blueberries, cinnamon, nutmeg…). it was fun to make, and so much more forgiving than pie in a pie plate! love the “rustic pie” feel of it! mom felt very special when served, said “it tastes like Christmas!” thanks again for another winner! i never go wrong with your recipes!! -mary

  21. Erik

    For a dinner party, think you could assemble this a couple hours ahead of time (like before guests arrive), hold it in the refrigerator during dinner, and then pop it in the oven? Or would you perhaps bake it before guests arrive, and then reheat a bit before serving? Thanks for any thoughts on that…

    I would make it ahead and serve it at room temp or just slightly warm from being reheated. ~Elise

  22. Nick

    I showed your recipe to my wife the other day and she finally got around to making it today. It came out just like your picture. The only differences we made were sprinkling it with Cinnamon Sugar and peeling the peaches. We enjoyed it very much. Thanks for the recipe!


  23. happyzhangbo

    This looks so pretty!! I made a few peach tart and galette this year. Just like what you said, the peaches have been so beautiful and hard to resist them. I just bought another baket the other day. If I will make any dessert with them, this recipe will be the one! And I sometimes add some ground almond into the flour, which really gives a nice nutty flavor. Thanks for the beautiful recipe and picture :)

  24. Lisa R

    This was wonderful! I made it yesterday for my family coming into Denver for a visit, and everyone loved it! My mom (who is a pie-connoisseur) asked to steal the crust recipe :) – thanks Elise!

  25. S.

    Thank you so much for this recipe! :-) I made this tonight, and I’ve never made a galette before, but it was very easy. Especially because the dough is mixed in a food processor. I ended up using frozen blueberries because I didn’t have any peaches on hand, although I love them and it tasted so amazing! It’s just the right size too. I almost prefer this to a whole pie if just two people are going to eat it. It’s pretty large for one person (or maybe my portions are small), Anyway, LOVE IT!

  26. Isis

    I was so inspired by this post, that I went and made a raspberry-nectarine galette with a small piecrust I had from a batch of quiche I made a couple weeks ago. Thank you for the inspiration!

  27. DJ

    Looks delich! A question for any that have made this, have any of you peeled the peaches? I was wondering if the consistency is better that way…

  28. The Starving Student

    Looks delicious! I am more of an apple person so I think I would substitute them for the peaches, maybe add some raspberries or blueberries. Galettes are such a great base for whatever fruits are in season!

  29. Barbara

    Can I make this with puff pastry?

    Not really. If you folded over the puff pastry I think it would puff up way too much. But if you try it, please let us know how it turns out for you. ~Elise

  30. d.liff @ yelleBELLYboo

    Galettes are my favorite thing to make! I’m all about making something “rustic” instead of perfect. Although I’ve never actually made a sweet galette, I’ve made a few savory ones. My boyfriend would love all the peaches!

  31. John

    Beautiful! I don’t have a food processor, and am sure your crust can be made without one. What would your method be if making the crust by hand?

    Cut the butter in to the flour mixture with a pastry cutter, two dinner knives, or smoosh the butter into the flour mixture with your fingers. When working without a food processor I prefer the smooshing butter with fingers method. ~Elise

  32. merd


    I’m absolutely going to make this. In Colorado, we get spoiled with the western slopes’ Palisade peach harvest which yields some of the largest, fuzziest, sweetest, and juiciest peaches I’ve ever had. Georgia peaches have met their match. The season is short and several waves of different varieties come through quickly before it’s gone. This year, I made sure to overindulge at the farmer’s market.

    I’ve been whipping together coarsely chopped hunks of three (soft grapefruit sized) peaches, a fresh squeezed lemon and sugar into a pot, bringing to a boil for a bubbling and then directly into a 9×9 glass pyrex. Over the top, I drizzle and drop a quick 1:1 ratio of flour and sugar (say 1/2 cup each), mixed with a bit of baking powder, dash of salt, nutmeg and cinnamon, a couple pats of butter (melted and probably unnecessary but i love butter) and just enough whole milk to make a thick muffin-like consistency batter. Not sure if this is a recipe full of no-no’s technically speaking for people that actually know how to bake, but I do know that after 375 for 40 minutes and you’re about fifteen more minutes away from a nap. If there’s whipped cream on hand – good night!

    I really like the idea of a crusty pie or tart-like creation. Certainly much more sophisticated than my knuckle dragging kitchen-camp cuisine :) I’m about to go look up “almond paste”. Don’t think I’ve ever seen it before and pretty sure it’s different than almond “butter”. Great recipe as always, Elise.

  33. Megan

    I’ve tried to make galettes on several occasions and the bottom of the dough never seems to cook all the way through — there’s always a raw-dough middle. How do you keep this from happening?

    Perhaps you need to roll it out more thinly? If it’s still an issue you can preheat the rimmed baking sheet with the oven, and then use a large metal spatula to help place the tart on the pan. The already hot baking sheet will help the bottom crust cook. ~Elise

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