No ImagePeanut Butter Blossom Cookies

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  1. Reg

    I want something without sugar, or replace sugar with honey

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  2. Keysplz

    I enjoyed making these traditional-style peanut butter cookies. The changes I made were that I sifted the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients then mixed them all together. I also added one cup of toffee bits to the mix. I rolled the balls in sugar, flattened each ball then baked. I did not use the chocolate kisses as I felt the sweetness was plentiful at this point. They were delicious.


  3. Kay

    Easy to make and my little granddaughter was a big help!


  4. Tara

    Great recipe, I’ll definitely make these this weekend! I was wondering if the sugar coating was necessary though? Is it just for flavor or does it help the shape of the balls?

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  5. Curry

    Really delicious! We made half the batch with kisses and half with hugs. Both are so good. They are very rich, don’t skip milk on the side


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