No ImagePeanut Butter Balls (Buckeyes)

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  1. Steve

    Being diabetic, I made this recipe using an erythritol-based confectioner’s sugar substitute sold under the brand name Swerve. I also found that the chocolate quickly thickened as you dipped the chilled peanut butter balls into it, sometimes causing the toothpicks to pop out. I ended up thinning the chocolate mixture by whisking in a couple of tablespoons of cream. The chocolate shell still firmed up just fine.

    Buckeyes were one of my Ohio grandmother’s favorite desserts. She would make them by the hundreds and freeze them in repurposed pizza boxes.


  2. linda

    I’m a Dietetic what sugar can I use.

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  3. Kate

    They tasted like straight powdered sugar so I added three tablespoons of peanut butter to cut it and more vanilla. The chocolate didn’t want to melt smooth so I put on my double broiler and added three tablespoons of vegetable shortening. They turned out perfect after that but that was after I adjusted it.


  4. MSmith

    This is an insane amount of butter. I tried to make it and this mixture was too runny and would not roll into balls.


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  5. Candie

    My family loved them!


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