No ImagePear Cake with Cinnamon Sugar

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  1. AC

    The recipe was easy to follow. It works well with ripe pears. The flavors are subtle, and its sweetness is not overpowering. However, I will add baking soda next time I make it since it gave me a bit of heartburn.


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  2. Elisa

    I made this cake today with pears that were on their way out. I did peel and cut one up into cubes and incorporated into the batter since it was not pretty enough for the top layer. It is so delicious and a keeper! I’m glad there’s not too much sugar. Thank you!


  3. lamasoft

    Do you have a suggestion for how to make the batter if I don’t have a food processor? (I do have a KitchenAid mixer). Or maybe do as a pie crust cutting the butter into the flour?

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  4. RoseMarie Tocci

    Amazing! Best ever! I bought so many pears to make more. Question, can this cake be made and frozen?

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  5. Judy

    This cake was delicious! Very easy to make and very satisfying. I added a few drops of almond extract along with the vanilla. My pears, D’Anjou, were not quite ripe but it was still wonderful! Thank you!

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