No ImagePear Tarte Tatin

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  1. Sue

    After 30 minutes ithasn’t carmelized and the pears are already done. By the time it’s baked it will be mush. I think it would be better to carelize first and then add the pears.
    If by some chance it does turn out well, I will write a new review. Very frustrated right now.


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  2. Mare

    Absolutely delicious and so easy! I added a touch of pear liquor when making the caramel sauce, but it doesn’t need it.


  3. Cherrie

    This was a hit! I didn’t have ginger and it was still delicious!


  4. Lisa

    Spot on! We’ve made this twice now and are at risk of making it again. This is a dessert that will wow everyone and it is relatively easy!


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  5. Arunie

    oh to add on to what I posted, i turned it out on to a huge platter. It was tricky but it worked. Also b/c i used 6 pears i didn’t have to mess with the design after i turned it over.

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