No ImagePenne Pasta with Meat Sauce

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  1. [email protected]

    Greatest and easy recipe ever!


  2. Jimena

    Amazing recipe! Became a family favorite at home the first time I made it!


  3. Pauline Laverie

    Quick Easy & Delicious

  4. Patti

    I used 1/2 lb of ground turkey & 1/2 lb of sweet turkey sausage. I love garlic and added 1 tblsp of garlic powder to turkey meat, along with the fresh garlic.


  5. Jim

    I used chopped green onions and finely chopped green pepper. I also simmered all together in a pot.

    A twist is to mix pasta and sauce in a bowl adding mozzarella cheese. Place in a casserole dish and top with Parmesan cheese. Bake 15 minute or until cheese is melted.

  6. Shari

    Awesome!!! Perfect quick yummy!!!

  7. Ryan Sullivan

    Excellent. I threw a chopped green pepper in there as well. Great flavor.


  8. Seena Basil

    This is awesome… yummm

  9. Victoria

    Absolutely delicious! I doubled the recipe… Browning the meat did make a big difference! Great tip!

  10. Marco

    I can’t cook, but this kicked ass.

  11. Bree

    I had two pounds of ground beef thawed since yesterday so Is decided to try this recipe. I figured I would use the remaining meat to make child tomorrow. Well it was so easy and delicious I’m now making a second batch of sauce to freeze with the extra meat instead of chili!

    I used half pureed whole tomatoes (I had leftover from my lasagna earlier this week), and half regular tomato sauce. I liked the small chunks of tomatoes. And dried thyme and basil, but fresh parsley.


  12. Sherry

    This is off the charts good. My whole family loved it. I could’t find Muir Glen chunky tomato sauce so I bought 2 cans Muir Glen tomato sauce and 1 can of whole Organic Central Market San Marzano tomatoes. I scooped out the whole tomatoes, crushed them up a bit and threw them into the sauce. This recipe has such wonderful flavor!!!

  13. Ann

    The recipe is great, quick and very tasty. Much better than classical bolognese sauce!! Thank you for this recipe. I just cooked it in the Czech republic.

  14. Thatlisagirl

    my printer was not working…so i was running back and forth from the computer monitor to the kitchen lol. Anyway, I only used one 14 oz can of diced tomatoes with basil, oregano and garlic and decided to add the smallest can of tomato paste with basil for added texture and it turned an excellent dish into complete awesomeness that was a total hit. Thank You!

  15. Marl

    Ahh yes…. a Classic…variations made many times over for hungry teenage boys at Friday night sleepovers in our loft!. Good Memories…a long time ago indeed and missed. Anyway…I am now, by no choice gluten-free…….and I just wish to convey that rice, or a combination of rice and corn….now-a-days maybe quinoa too and others….is a tasty pasta alternative especially for recipes such as this with a combination of many ingredients… goes on.

  16. Adrianne

    This was wonderful. I made it just as the recipe directed and it was a phenomenal hit. Definitely going into the recipe box. Thank you, Elise and Elise’s mom!

  17. Heather Ann

    Added more than a dash of red pepper flakes…now a bit spicy….oh well…love your site you have inspired me to cook…made your shephard’s pie a couple days ago…it was fab! Next I want to make the civil war Mac n cheese. Thanks again!

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