No ImagePeppercorn Steak

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  1. Helen

    Very much enjoyed this….and the pictures help re: the sauce. I still struggle with the AMOUNT of meat…basically I had two huge steaks of a pound each. Same as the lbs. recommended, but I think I would want to “and a smidge more” every ingredient of the sauce. BE GENEROUS.

    Oh, and I’m glad no on saw me using a hammer to crack the peppercorns. Might play with green-in-brine next time.


  2. James

    I make this with dried green peppercorns pressed into both sides of the steak, less heat than black pepper and more flavor. use Cognac for richer flavor, beef stock, not broth, high quality heavy cream, shallots, not onions. I also sear the meat on high heat on both sides, then finish in pre-heated oven at 450 degrees for 9 minutes.

  3. Shelly Hurley

    Made this recipe yesterday for my roommate myself and it was so good I was afraid it was going to be super salty but to my surprise it was not and the gravy was delicious and I don’t like gravy, but I love this one. I did to add mushrooms to my gravy finely Chopped ,it was a nice addition.


  4. Paul

    Did today, a bit too much pepper, next time I use 1/2 the pepper.

  5. Sophie

    Have made this sauce twice now and both times my guests were super impressed with this tasty sauce! I did make one variation and added roughly chopped mushrooms after softening the onions, this made a supper yummy mushroom and pepper sauce. We are mushroom obsessed in this house. This has definatley become my go to sauce when I cook steak, love it


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