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  1. Caro

    This is my first time making ice cream and I think it worked quite well. I didn’t mess up the custard and the consistency is creamy and flavour generally yummy.

    However, To make a second time, I find the taste slightly custard-y egg-y and a bit heavy. What could be good options for “lightening” this recipe? And What would be the result of reducing the number of egg yolks? Also, I recommend adding and tasting the peppermint flavoring until you are satisfied… I think I would have gone for more pepper-minty flavor- but that’s just me. I also added in small chunks of dark chocolate at the end. :)


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  2. Beth

    When I took the custard off the heat to pour through the strainer, it curdled and turned into custard scrambled eggs! What did I do wrong? Thanks!

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  3. Norma

    Love this recipe. Wondering if honey could be substituted for the sugar?

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  4. Steve

    I followed the directions precisely, even using the KitchenAid attachment. After an hour, not one bit of solidification in the ice cream maker. I finally gave up when the ice cream maker reached room temperature… Very disappointed. I ended up just freezing the slop in a freezer. That wasn’t the experience I was hoping for.

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  5. Polly

    This is really a general question, but as the situation arose yesterday while making this ice cream (which I have made many times…a great recipe) I’m posting it here. Almost all of the eggs in the carton had double yolks! I ended up using 6 doubles, but it seems a little more “eggy” than usual. I was wondering if there is a general rule about this in cooking and baking. Thanks.

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