No ImageHow to Make Perfect Guacamole

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  1. Betty J

    Excellent. I was cautious with the serrano chile but ended up using one whole chili. Could have used a little more but I left it at one. Husband loved it as well. Two of us could have devoured the whole bowl but had to force ourselves to stop. A great Super Bowl appetizer even if my beloved NE Patriots aren’t in the game this year.


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  2. Jadranka Serbia

    Real thing!!! Bravo!


  3. Laura

    The best! Took it to a neighborhood party. Someone else brought a store-bought version, and everyone said mine was so much better!


  4. Justin

    The best guacamole ever.


  5. Kalli Blackmon

    I am a 12yr old and I LOVE Guacamole and it’s one of my fav foods and I think this is the best recipe I’ve ever made I made this for my lunch tomorrow

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