No ImageHow to Make Perfect Guacamole

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  1. Jamie S.

    This recipe is legit! Never getting guac outside anymore.


  2. John M.

    By far the absolute best guacamole I’ve ever had! Thank you so much for this recipe and the recipe name is spot on! I used all ingredients as described in recipe and would not change anything about it. Pure perfection!


  3. Susan Hayden

    Enjoyed this recipe. Used some hot sauce instead of chillies and cilantro in a tube instead of fresh. It was delicous

  4. Don

    Basic and yum

  5. Dan Stein

    I used this recipe recently when I made guacamole for the first time. It was literally the best I’d ever had! I think serranos are the perfect pepper for this dish, although they can be a little hard to find. I did leave out the tomatoes, though.


  6. Simona

    Gorgeous flavours! I also like to add minced garlic or grated carrot!


  7. Kelly

    Amazing!! Loved it! Definitely a keeper!!


  8. Jordan S.

    Made single batch… next day, made double batch. SUPER easily and rather delicious. Highly recommend!


  9. Yeni80

    It is really delicious!!!! I used Cayenne pepper instead of the Serrano chiles. Once I started eating I couldn’t stop! It was that good!


  10. Giulia

    I tried many recipes before but this one is the best ever!!


  11. Rina

    Never made guac before and only had half the ingredients, still worked great. Will come back to this recipe to try some variations!


  12. Dave

    It is the best!!

  13. Jake

    Guacamole is very good, this one is no exception of course. There were a few modifications I made that fit my personal taste. My recipe/proportions are as follows: Starting with half a red onion, juice from a whole lime, 3 jalapeno peppers, roughly 4 tbsp cilantro (I love cilantro), and a diced roma tomato (only the most firm parts–no seeds). Then you “macerate” by mixing all these ingredients in a bowl. If for some reason you believe this is too much to go into your guac, then you can put the rest aside as some delicious pico de gallo. Then you can move onto scooping (and mashing) the avocados. Then, mix everything together. For me, there was a bit much (the red onion I found was particularly large), so I had a side of pico de gallo as well. Once everything is mixed, season to taste. I used chili powder (imparts a nice smoky flavor), salt, and black pepper. Chili powder can be substituted with smoked paprika as necessary. Certainly limit the chili powder, however, because you don’t want to tarnish the vibrant green of the guacamole, so only use enough spice to be hardly perceptible. One personal comment: I would discourage anybody from using raw garlic for guacamole. Garlic is a very overwhelming flavor, and a lot of guacamole is reliant on the subtle ways the flavors interact. You want a smooth guacamole that has occasional crunch imparted by the fresh veggies.


  14. Tom R

    Quick and easy! Due to sensitive stomachs in my house I left the chili out and added a bit of garlic and this was a big hit! Takes about 10-15 minutes to make and it’s a nice addition to any sandwich!


  15. Sylvie

    It was easy, quick and delicious


  16. A Reader

    [[Check for ripeness by gently pressing the outside of the avocado.]]

    Don’t squeeze an avocado like a tennis ball. The best way to test for ripeness is to gently press on the top of the avocado (the narrow end, not the fat end). Avocados ripen bottom to top, so when the top has a little “give” to it it’s ready to be used.

  17. Dianerp

    Was delicious! No need to go out for guacamole anymore :)


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