No ImagePerfect Mashed Potatoes

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  1. Dodie

    Everyone loved this recipe.!
    Mash potatoes turned out irresistibly creamy and full of flavour. This has been my go to recipe.


  2. Peter

    Yup, cool water was my mistake thanks for the tips appreciated !


  3. Robert

    Thanks for sharing this, came out amazing, almost like my grandmother made!

  4. Kent

    I loved your recipe, but I modified it to suit my family’s taste.

    1. Increase the amounts of heave cream and butter by 50% because we like the potatoes to be more buttery

    2. Use only half amount of golden potatoes, and another half amount of russet potatoes

    The second one is from what I read at another website. I tried it this Thanksgiving and we prefer mixing different types potatoes. However, thank you for this recipe because you gave us an idea how to start.


  5. Nicole

    Best mashed potatoes I ever made. This was great! I have never not used my mixer to blend the potatoes with the milk, cream, and butter. I used the hand-held potato masher for the first time and it worked great. I also think that starting off with cold water and bringing to a boil, then covering and simmering for 15-20 minutes was the perfect cooking time for the potatoes and they turned out great.


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