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  1. Billie

    I have been making mashed potatoes forever. Sometimes they turn out the way I want to, other times not so much! This is my favorite mash yet. Especially with the roasted garlic. Heaven on a plate!!! Only used more butter. You do not need to change a thing!


  2. Jill

    My first time making homemade mashed potatoes! Turned out delicious. My husband asked if I can make these same ones with garlic. Any suggestions on how much to add?


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  3. John Meyer

    Given the number of recipes you post that use the Insta-Pot, I’d suggest you try the following.

    1. Use traditional Russet potatoes.

    2. Peel and then cut each potato into 4-8 chunks. Don’t make the pieces too small.

    3. Put about one inch of water in the pressure cooker.

    4. Put potatoes in a steamer basket and put that into the pressure cooker. The potatoes should not touch the water.

    5. Bring the pressure cooker to 15 psi, and start the timer when the steam begins to hiss.

    6. Cook for six minutes.

    7. Turn off the heat and let stand for another six minutes. I use a stove-top pressure cooker and it does a great job retaining pressure. If your pressure cooker loses pressure quickly, you may have to cook for an additional 1-2 minutes.

    8. Release remaining pressure.

    9. Remove potatoes from cooker and let stand in the steamer basket for a minute to let excess steam escape.

    10. Put the potatoes through a food mill.

    11. Add 2 T. melted butter for each potato. Use spatula to combine butter with potatoes until the potatoes are fully coated. It is important to have the fat on the potatoes before adding the liquid.

    12. Add heated milk (I use skim since the butter adds the richness) until you get whatever consistency you find pleasing.

    It took me several years to perfect this and, for me, it has been a total game changer. The pressure-steam cooking provides a far fluffier and tastier result. Steaming avoids the “water-logged” consistency and flavor that you get if the potatoes are boiled in the water. The food mill creates a much more consistent results with no lumps. It also avoids any hint of pastiness that sometimes happens with other methods that tend to beat the potatoes (whatever you do, NEVER put mashed potatoes in a food processor).

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  4. Chris

    These were delicious! I ended up adding quite a bit of milk but that’s probably because I used sour cream in place of cream!


  5. Jessamy

    loved them! Very quick and easy to make!


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