No ImagePesto Pasta Salad

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  1. Mark

    First I made your pesto, which was great. Then followed this recipe to use up the remaining pesto. I added diced red bell pepper and cucumber as well. I’ll be making it again.
    Thanks for the great recipes.


  2. Marc Chambaud

    This recipe is great. Actually one of my favorite(I am a big pesto lover). You know what would blend well with this? What i prepared in 15 min yesterday. Yesterday i did roughly the same thing but as a gratin. I added Goat cheese,pin nuts and emmental cheese on top. I like when the Pasta are a bit crunchy so i first put the pasta on the fry pan before putting everything in a pot and in the oven. Man it was delicious, my wife loved is and the cherry on the cake the kids loved it:-)

  3. Juanita

    I love this recipe and I hold it near and dear to my heart because it was a few years ago that I discovered Simply by “googling” pesto pasta salad and coming across this recipe! Great recipe and a great blog!


  4. Nora

    I want to make pesto (with fresh basil and pine nuts) but I do not have a food processor. Can I use the blender instead or the blender’s coffee grinder attachment?

    A coffee grinder attachment might work. You could also use a mortar and pestle, or just chop everything very fine. ~Elise

  5. constance

    De-lish!!! :-))


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