No ImagePesto Stuffed Zucchini

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  1. Heather

    I discovered a zucchini bat hiding in my garden. 4.5lbs! I doubled the recipe. On one half I also added ground hot Italian sausage crumbles to your recipe. The other half no sausage. I have to say that both sides were amazing!! This recipe is definitely a keeper. Thank you!


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  2. La Tante de Mary

    Joining in from the countryside in France where I am awash in supersized courgettes. This is a lovely recipe, and it makes a fine lunch. I prettied it up with a grating of parmesan, and a few halved cherry tomatoes arranged insouciantly on top.

    Thanks to the person in the comments who pointed out zucchini relish. I have not only my own baseball bats, but my English neighbour’s cricket bats to deal with, as they asked me to cull their garden while they were elsewhere, and I turned my back on their zucchinis for a day too long!

  3. Barbara

    Can you believe it – I can’t find zucchini large enough for this recipe!!!! I just HAD to try it so I had to use slightly smaller zucchini but I was glad I decided to use about one cup of seasoned bread crumbs (homemade) instead of the croutons because I could really pack the filling in!

  4. Edamam

    We haven’t tired of zucchini yet this summer! This is a great use for overgrown ones, along with all the other vegetable in abundance this time of year. Our rule of thumb is to choose medium-sized zucchini and squash that feel heavy for their size. Their flavor is fully developed and their flesh is still tender.

  5. Monique

    Just tried this tonight. Very easy and quick to prepare. I used smoked mozzerella and yellow cherry tomatoes (my 7yr old’s choice)and wheat bread. My husband loved it! I will definitely be making this again! Thanks for this recipe!

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