No ImagePickled Beets

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  1. Judy Vineyard

    First time I have made fresh beets , they turned out great. So easy to do.


  2. Jeri

    They turned out great. Love them. Thank you so much, yummy


  3. Heide J

    SO good , and so easy! But –
    Would this be able to be frozen? or would thawing them afterwards make the consistency weird?


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  4. Leah

    I made these about 5 days ago (put them in mason jars and into the fridge) and the flavor is great! Just wondering if I messed something up though–because in the jars is now some white stuff–doesn’t look like bacterial, but tastes tangy, like something is marinating in them? Help! What might have happened??


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  5. Robin

    I was watching the cooking show, “A Chef’s Life” and Chef Vivian suggested to add the salt, pepper, sugar and cider vinegar first. Let the beets sit for a bit in the solution to allow the flavors to be absorbed. Then I would remove the beets after about half an hour, add the dry mustard and olive oil to the mixture, then whisk to emulsify. Finally, I would spoon the beets into a large mason jar and pour the flavorful vinaigrette over them, seal and refrigerate. Mmmm so good!

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