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  1. Jasen

    Love the beet juice idea… although I cheat. I buy a jar of pickles and reuse the juice… one jar is good for 1-2 uses… lol. #semihomemade


  2. David

    My mother made these when I was a kid and that was back in the 50s when pickled eggs were staples in beer joints sitting on the bar at all times. So I’ve used everything from traditional pickling spices to any combo I feel like, it all works and the eggs literally keep forever. If they last that long. Quick on the run protein or egg salad! Ummm…


  3. Peter

    I have pickled eggs this way for years I also like to put sliced tomatoes ln with eggs and beets Oh yer you should try puting in a few garlic cloves as well.

  4. Rick

    Thank you for all the great recipes, I’ve already tried many of them and I am excited to try the pickled eggs. The pastrami and corned beef has so far been a huge success (have a batch on the smoker right now!). I really like to see the different combinations of spices people are using because I think there is nothing better than putting your own personal note of flavor into what you love to make for people. Simply recipes is quickly turning into my go to site!

  5. Bea

    All the options sound wonderful!! And they are on my list to try. Was wondering if you strain the liquid before you place it in the jars? (wondering about the floating dry oregano, etc.). Thanks!!

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