No ImagePickled Okra

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  1. Grandma

    We went closely by your recipe, hoping for crunchy okra. They turned out soft and slimmy. We were disappointed.


  2. Ashley S.

    I think your site is super helpful! But do you know if you can recan what you have already picked? I put too much salt in my pickled okra and the jars are already sealed up Any bit of advice would awesome!
    Thank you!


  3. Hezakiah

    Well,gave it a shot and we’ll see how they come out.I used a tbsp of the pre-fab pickling spices that had all mentioned and then some.Been years since I’ve had pickled okra since I moved North twenty years ago. Now I need to find a source of mullet to smoke LOL

  4. Alie Halbert

    I blanched and froze a huge bag of fresh okra. If I pickle, will the blanching and freezing ruin the pickled okras?

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  5. Jeff

    When it comes to pickled okra. Less is more.
    Just vinegar, salt, water, dill, garlic is all you need for great Texas style pickled okra.
    And stuff those jars. They cost to much to not utilize all the room .

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