No ImagePistachio White Chocolate Chip Cookies

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  1. Mike

    I made the entire recipe to take to a gathering of 15 old college friends. Couldn’t find any raw, unsalted pistachios, so substituted roasted, salted ones and omitted the T of kosher salt. Only a cup of nut meats and a cup of Nestle’s white chocolate baking morsels, rather than 1 1/2 C of each. Some of the gang were tricked into thinking they had eaten macadamia nut cookies, but all–ALL–proclaimed that these cookies were “to die for,” and threatened dire consequences if I didn’t reveal the recipe.

    So, that’s 30 thumbs up!


  2. Ana

    I made these cookies one day and they were gone within a couple hours! Everyone loves these cookies. They are amazing and everyone must make these once in their lifetime. I am wondering if I am able to turn these cookies into bars. Will i get the same texture? What size pan should I use, and should I make any adjustments to the recipe?

    As these are drop cookies I can’t say that they can be adapted to bars. If you test them out that way, though, I would love to know about your results! ~Garrett


  3. Eileen

    I made these today and at first I thought they were too sweet, but as I kept going back for more, I realized they were sweetly addictive. Curiosity question: what is the effect of the extra minutes of beating in this recipe? I followed your instructions, since I knew you had your reasons, but since most cookie recipes don’t require it, you’ve got me curious why this one does.

    It just ensures a firmer cookie. ~Garrett

  4. Virginia

    Phenomenal! Although I say this right after finishing a slightly warm one with some cold milk. All the elements of a classic cookie, but the white chocolate and pistachios give it just the right amount of surprise. Thank you! I’ll be giving these out for Christmas.


  5. ellina

    I made these last night. I, too, think they spread too much – next time I’ll chill the dough before baking the cookies. I used brown butter instead of plain butter, and it gave the cookies the loveliest caramely aroma in the world! It totally complimented the raw pistachios. the house smelt divine while these were baking!

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