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  1. Shiva

    The first time turned out amazing! My first time making pie crust too. The crust is unbelievably delicious and flaky. All my friends and family who got to taste it, fell in love with it.


  2. Isobelle

    My first ever galette and it was a huge success – not too sweet and pastry is delicious. I recommend rolling it out directly onto the floured parchment paper, otherwise transferring it on there is difficult as the dough is quite sticky. But the final product looked exactly like the recipe which is a rare thing, and tasted as good as it looked!


  3. Mary

    Could this be made ahead and frozen before it is baked? I have 2 trees overflowing!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Mary, good question! Sure, I think you could easily make ahead and freeze before baking. Just wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and then in aluminum foil before putting in the freezer.

  4. Amy

    Can I use frozen plums ? Or should I defrost them first ?

  5. Frank Curtiss

    I made this filling but used a dough recipe which I have made several times before (which has a little corn meal in the crust). I did add just a little freshly grated ginger to the filling. I did use the orange zest and lemon juice as per recipe. The filling was divine. It had just the right amount of sweetness and juiciness. I made two, and served to 10 people. Everyone raved about it!


  6. Holly

    You have orange or lemon zest and lemon juice. I’d rather use the orange zest. Would it be okay to not use the lemon juice, but instead use orange juice?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Holly, the orange zest is for the flavor, the lemon juice is for the tartness it brings to the plums. If the plums you are using are already more tart than sweet, then sure, sub out the lemon juice for orange juice. But if not, if your plums are sweet, I would stick with the lemon juice.

  7. Jen

    I stumbled on this recipe while browsing pinterest. I had a bag of plums, and my husband informed me he doesn’t eat plums, so I had to find something to make, so I wasn’t eating 2 dozen plums on my own. I have made this 2 times so far. It’s perfectly tart, and goes well with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s absolutely delicious!

  8. Leah Pawluk

    Absolutely delicious! I made two yesterday and between my husband and I they are gone! dangerously delicious! The crust is to die for, great recipe!

  9. Lisa Hudson

    This was my first galette. I searched through several recipes because I’m kind of a pie crust snob, and I was intrigued by the use of sour cream in this one. It was amazing! The crust was fantastic and the filling was delicious! Great recipe~!

  10. Gennady

    Simply awesome taste and quite easy to cook. I’m not really into baking, but this one wasn’t much of a challenge. I baked it at 200 C, so I think 35 minutes will do next time (it ended up slightly overdone, but nonetheless delicious.)

  11. Rebecca

    came out delicious! i made it with sweet plums so i cut back the sugar quite a bit (and used a storebought crust… making my own just wasn’t going to happen after the week i had). big hit with the guests with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top :-)

  12. Lily

    Do you think this filling would work just as well as a pie or tart?

    Yes, but if you are making for a pie you will probably want to double the filling ingredients. ~Elise

  13. Evelyn

    Hi Elise,
    This looks excellent, and I noticed you have several galette recipes of similar sorts. Do you think it might be possible to use an apple pie filling for this galette instead? Also, do you think it’d be possible to make a bunch (maybe 4) of mini galettes instead of one large one? I would expect the baking time would change a tad.

    Yes, an apple filling would work for this galette, and mini galettes would work too. ~Elise

  14. Lindsey

    Hey Elise, I love your site and often link to it from my food blog.
    This plum recipe looks exquisite– do you think one could just take the filling and put it in a regular pie crust?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Lindsey – Given that the crust recipe I give here is a pie crust recipe, I would say, sure, try it out with a regular pie crust in a pie tin. Let us know how it works out. You might need to increase the amount of filling.

  15. Claire Fontaine

    Oooh, I love plum desserts, one more good one to try – and so pretty, too! Would this recipe also work with nectarines and berries, or do you think they have too much liquid?

  16. Pille

    Such a beautiful galette! I made a very similar rustic apricot tart few weeks ago, and am keenly waiting for the local plums to ripen, so I could make it again!

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