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  1. Ken

    I’m glad that I found this recipe. It is going to be a regular for us. I have poached salmon in the past but it was using the deep poaching technique and the recipe that I used was with an orange sauce that reduced. It was tasty but this recipe is better and much more simple.

    I had a 1 pound piece of fish that was very thick so it was necessary to cook for about 12ish minutes. I first tested at 10 and it wasn’t enough. I pretty much followed the recipe as is. I only had flat leaf parsley and used onion instead of shallots. At the end I sprinkled with lemon juice and topped lightly with a few turns of the pepper mill and a small amount of dill. No extra salt above what was first put on prior to poaching , or anything else, was needed. We had sides of bästisar (a mix of rye, wheat, barley, and oats with garlic, jalapeno, ligonberry, and lemon flavoring), and some roasted zucchini with herbs. The next time I have it I’ll have sides of roasted red potatoes with dill, and grilled or roasted asparagus. Good stuff!


  2. Robin

    I have a question, if you poach the whole fish, rather than small filets, like in the photo above, how would you adjust the recipe?

    Thank you.

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  3. Violet

    Excellent recipe! Very simple and so delicious. I cooked it for nearly 9 minutes, which IMO was ever so slightly too long. Next time I’ll only poach it for 7 minutes… I used to poach fish years ago, but this method is not only faster, it’s even tastier.


  4. Marie

    Easy and delicious. My local market has wild salmon on sale, I bought it and some fresh dill. My family loved this, a great dinner. We love salmon, but this was my first time poaching it. Will be doing this more often, and will definitely do this for company!


  5. Darren

    I am going to poach salmon in this way tonight and serve with tomatoes, capers, some crispy cous cous (small amount for texture). Served with a little parsley and either more dill or some fennel prongs. I want a light (slightly acidic sauce/dressing) to go with it does anyone have any good sugesstions?

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