No ImagePolish Hunter’s Stew

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  1. Bolesław Korzeniowski

    I’m sure the Eastern European feel to it comments was well-intentioned but when will people learn that Poland is not a part of Eastern Europe. Both historically and geographically Poland is located in Central Europe as well as a number of her neighbors (for example Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, to name a few, fellow members of the alliance known as the Visegrád Group V-4) who were betrayed and sold into Soviet subjugation after World War II. The term Eastern Europe is a geopolitical designation, not a geographical one as far as Poland is concerned.
    With regard to the Bigos recipe, it sounds to have the makings of a great version of the non-game meat traditional Polish stew. I will be making it for New Year’s Day, when it is traditionally served.

  2. Agnieszka K.

    Thank you for posting this recipe of one of my most favorite dishes. Bigos is wonderful for the cold autumn and winter dinners but you can have it for Easter dinner as well. I cook my sauerkraut and fresh cabbage separately and only later combine them when all meats are in. I use pork, beef and Polish kielbasa.. Meats are to be brown separately and added gradually to the cooking sauerkraut. I don’t add tomatoes like some do but instead add a bit of red wine from time to time. You can also add prunes but then frequent stirring is a must since prunes cause burning. Reheating next day adds to the depth of bigos. Thank you again for this posting; it makes me homesick for Poland.

  3. Billy

    This looks so delicious. I really want to try making this at home, it reminds me of the stews my grandpa would make when I was younger. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  4. John Bradley

    Excellent recipe. Had to change quantities sometimes but have made i about a dozen times. Only major change is that i don’t add extra time I’m in Poland I’ll see if their bigos is as good

  5. Paul in Seattle

    Absolutely wonderful.
    A gastronomic delight.

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