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  1. Laurie

    I made this jelly a few days ago. I just started canning and this is my first ever canned jelly! I happen to have a pomegranate tree that is falling over with the weight of the pomegranates so I was excited to make this. Anyway, it came out perfect. I got 6 1/2, 8oz jars. I happened to have a package of the sure jell pectin in my pantry but now all I have is the ball realfruit classic pectin. Will this work with this recipe? and also how much do I add since it’s in a jar and not in a package?


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  2. Shar

    What can I do if the juice won’t thicken; even after pectin and sugar added. Than you

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  3. Dottie

    It is the perfect jelly however the recipe only filled 3 eight ounce jars plus about a fourth of a cup, not 6 or 7 like the recipe says. I’ll just make some more as it’s about my favorite jelly on the planet!!!

  4. Dianna

    I’m making it right now. Do I add the sugar and immediately set the timer for 2 minutes or wait until it starts boiling again and set timer for two minutes? When I added the sugar the boiling stopped for about 1.5 minutes….then it was raging.

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  5. Karyn Burgess

    Perfect recipe!


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