No ImagePork Chops with Dijon Sauce

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  1. Katie

    Delicious, everyone loved it (even my 3-year-old)! Thanks for sharing and I will add this to my meal rotation for sure. I am following a Paolo/Whole30ish diet (except I do cook and consume alcohol which is technically not compliant) so I made some changes to the recipe. I substituted the 1/2 cup heavy cream for 1/2 cup of Trader Joe’s Coconut Milk. I also didn’t have any white wine, so I used Brandy instead (after I saw that as another suggestion in the comments). The only thing I’m not sure about is the cooking time It looked like too long. I only had thin boneless pork chop so I cooked them for 5 minutes (this is after the browning of 2-3 mins on each side) and I took a read on the meat and I had overcooked it (it still was moist and tastey) and would ahve done it for less time.


  2. Dawn

    I made this with a pork tenderloin that I had cut into thick steaks. I pounded the steaks a little before searing them. As they cook so quickly, I actually reduced the sauce before I added the seared pork and accumulated juices back to finish cooking. Fabulously tasty meal and very quick to make. Thanks Elise!


  3. john rowles

    Nice, but try using cider instead of wine

  4. FP

    Never a big fan of thick pork chops I tried this recipe with a boneless cut because I couldn’t find (bone in).
    It was delightful! I didn’t change anything; the sauce was absolutely delicious and made my boring pork chop a winner! My only problem was I tried using a heated Pyrex dish when removing the pork chops-
    Crack! I learned a lesson there. One slight tip for those who couldn’t get the sauce thick: keep boiling it longer and use the wooden spoon. It could take up to 15 minutes or longer. Add the fresh parsley- this sauce is


  5. d4v1d

    This was terrific. As the mustard (and wine) would add tartness, I threw in a few cranberries to add to the fun. They dissolved into the pan sauce, and a good meal was enjoyed by all.


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