No ImagePork Schnitzel

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  1. Julie

    This was so easy to make and delicious. I didn’t have the ingredients on hand to make the sauce and just made it as it. It was so flavourful with the lemon – you can easily get away with it without sauce. Easy dish and will for sure be part of our new rotation.


  2. Pegi Hug

    I’ve lived in Austria for 40 years so I regard myself as an expert on Schnitzel. Always use neutral oil, but mix in some unsalted butter for the taste. Here, we keep the flour and pablo unflavored and salt the meat itself. If you put a sauce on your carefully produced crunchy crust, the crust will get soggy. In Austria, Schnitzel is only ever served with lemon wedges for drizzling on the Schnitzel. Potato salad or French fries are the traditional sides. Greetings from the Alps.

  3. Ashley

    This turned out so well! I did break the sauce, but added extra sour cream and sort of salvaged it. Still very tasty! Leftover schnitzel was even delicious cold.


  4. L Murphy

    Delish! Didn’t have panko so I used crushed saltines(!) Like my mom used to use and didn’t change anything else. The GRAVY! Soooo good. Definitely going into the dinner rotation.


  5. Alfie

    Tried both pork and chicken with this recipe. Absolutely delicious!


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