No ImagePork Tenderloin with Apples

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  1. Elizabeth

    My family and I were not crazy about it. I followed the recipe exactly , if I make it again I’ll brown the apples more than put them in with the pork cooking at a lower temperature for longer and thickening the sauce with a rue .


  2. Linda Abbott

    This was incredibly delicious. I didn’t have apple brandy and wanted to keep the apple flavor prominent, so I used hard cider. Thank you so much for this one.


  3. Gloria

    There were no juices to simmer from the initial searing, fuji apples, or the roasting, so I really had nothing to flavor the gravy. Wondering what I did wrong?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Gloria, some of the browning should have left its mark in the skillet in step 2, unless you used a super stick-free pan.

  4. Anna

    Wow! Another winner. Thank you for sharing your delicious recipes. Pork rested for 15 min to get it to 145°F.


  5. Chris

    I think you should update the post to mention that the cook time in your recipe only achieves ~145. Fresh pork is supposed to be cooked to 160 (170 for fully cooked). It took 30 minutes for my tenderloin to get to the right temperature and by then – my apples that were sitting aside were all cold and nasty.

  6. Susan

    I just made this — it was delicious! My pork tenderloin might have been larger than yours because it took 20 min to cook.

    I used apple cider, because that is what I had! Thanks Elise!


  7. Shane

    When you say place the tenderloin in a roasting pan and add the broth and wine, does this mean the meat is or isn’t sitting in the broth/wine? Is the meat on a rack over the fliuds or can this be done in a cassarole dish?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Shane, just put the tenderloins directly in the roasting pan (no rack) and add the liquid. It’s only two cups, which will spread out in the roasting pan so just the bottom part of the tenderloins will be covered with liquid. You should use a metal roasting pan because it has better heat transfer.

  8. Becky

    This was delicious! But like others, I had to cook it 25 minutes for it to get to 140 degrees. Not a big deal, just keep it in mind if you’re trying to coordinate dishes.

  9. brennan

    Should I marinate the tenderloin prior to cooking? If so any suggestion for the marinade? Thank you, recipe looks great. I am going to use it for dinner of 20

  10. Paul

    Did not enjoy this dish at all. The cumin is overpowering and the sauce
    portion required corn starch to thicken. The cook time is way off and
    needed at least another 20 mins to be close to rare for pork.

  11. HM

    This time I had 17 to cook for in a beach house, on holiday with no oven but a good skillet and two electric frypans. I cooked 7 pork fillets adjusting the other ingredients in proportion and served with green peas, new potatoes and grilled courgettes with parmesan. Nothing left again! Thank you for the recipe and cooking tips.

  12. HM

    I have made this three times and every time a success. It is the most succulent pork loin recipe. Last night I made it for four and the clean plates were the best comment you could have! Timing was exactly as the recipe. (I heated the baking dish to oven temp before putting the browned fillets in). Served with steamed courgettes and mashed potatoes. Thank you!

    For people who cant have alcohol, try Verjuice instead of wine (Unfermented juice of green grapes).


  13. Cris

    All I have to say is This is delicious and easy. Love pork and apples.


  14. Wendy

    I have made this twice in the last month, and it’s a hit. My kids don’t even liked cooked apples much, but they ate these. I used jazz apples the first time, and honey crisp this last time. I also made two tenderloins this time since the college kid was home on break, and I have enough left over to use for something. I wonder how your carnitas would taste using the left over meat?

    Great blog! Thanks!


  15. Qing

    Made this last night and it was super delicious! I used organic fuji apples and I think it’s THE BEST cooked apples I have ever had. The pork tenderloin is very very tasty too. I used cider vinegar and there was a lot of juice from the roasting pan so I added a little bit instant flour to thicken the sauce. I’ll definitely make this again. Thank you for sharing this recipe!


  16. Alex

    Just made this now and it was fantastic. The juices took a while to boil down at the end but the flavour was just incredible.

    They had pork tenderloin on offer at the local supermarket so the whole thing (enough for 3/4 people) came in cheaper than a single good quality beef steak.

    I will be making it again!

  17. keikii

    I didn’t have enough any juices left in the pan, so I did the cornstarch/water thing for gravy. and then the pork wasn’t all the way done, despite being in there nearly 20 minutes (i was just deluding myself into thinking it was done — i was really hungry) so i put it up and put it in the gravy and cooked it in that for a while until it looked done.

    Also, I added cherry and blueberry infused cranberries to the apples.

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