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  1. Morgan

    I made this for dinner last night and served it over couscous. It was a 5 star dinner! Instead of white wine to deglaze the pan I used a combination of white wine vinegar/ white wine balsamic vinegar. It was great & I will definitely make it again!


  2. Linda Grimes

    This is really delicious and also presents well. I asked my husband to make it for me for Mother’s Day! Will definitely be making this again. And, you’re right, it was so easy. We love pork tenderloin in our kitchen…adapts to so many different methods of cooking/grilling.

  3. Miguel

    We made this for lunch today. Just amazing.!!! The salty olives and capers mixed with the sweet figs and brown sugar just make all the flavors to rise without overpowering each other. I rubbed the pork with some cumin, paprika and Ras Al hangout looking for some Turkish twist. Thanks for sharing (and as recommended, with a simple couscous, out of this world) !!

  4. Alida @My Little Italian Kitchen

    I am really tempted by this. I love cooking meat and fish with olives as they add so much flavour. Fab with the figs too!

  5. Irvin

    I loved this! So much flavor from such a simple recipe and dish. I can’t wait to make it at home!

  6. Sara @ Last Night's Feast

    I love the flavor combination in here! Fig and olive are such a great complement to each other. Can’t wait to try this =)

  7. Mary Liotta

    is there another name for California green ripe olives? I’m a cook from NJ.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Mary, California green ripe olives are canned olives that are grown in California. Look to your local grocery store and look for the following canned olive brands: Early California, Lindsay, and Pearls. Avoid cans that say “California style”, they’re lower quality.

      • Mary

        I made this last night. I ended up marinating for 2 days in refrigerator and it was very tender and flavorful!. Used chicken broth instead of wine for deglazing. My husband loved the figs and olive combination!

  8. Serena | Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch

    The flavors and presentation of this dish are still on my mind! I cannot wait to make it for my family! The combination of figs, olives, capers with the pork was incredible! Thank you so much Elise for sharing the recipe.

  9. Kristy @ The Wicked Noodle

    I was blown away by this dish! Simple ingredients and preparation but the flavor is anything but. Can’t wait to enjoy it again!

  10. Lori Rice

    This recipe is such a winner. The combination with the olives and fig with the pork was perfection. Beautiful, too!

  11. Julia Mueller

    I’m so impressed by how flavorful this dish is! I loved the olives and figs together, plus the meal was fresh and light, yet very satisfying! It’s definitely one I could put on repeat in my home over and over. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful recipe, Elise!

  12. carrian cheney

    This turned out absolutely wonderful! It’s amazing how well the olives and figs worked together but especially with the pork! Cannot wait to make this for the holiday season too as it looks so pretty too!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Carrian, sometimes I think that foods that grow in the same place often go well together. Olives and figs grow all around the Mediterranean in the same climate and soil. We don’t usually think of pairing them together but given where they grow, it makes sense! So glad you liked it!

No ImagePork Tenderloin with Figs and Olives

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