No ImagePortuguese Salt Cod Stew (Bacalao or Bacalhoada)

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  1. Elizabeth Troake

    Can this be frozen?

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  2. Anna

    Really nice and comforting. Subtle flavours except for the olives, but I love it and so does our 2 year old. A new family favourite!


  3. Robin

    There doesn’t seem to be any liquid in it. It doesn’t dry out on stovetop?

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  4. Steve

    I’m from fall riVer mass and grew up eating this absolutely love balcahau this was a pretty good recipe

  5. TSH

    Great recipe! Instead of plain black olives, I substituted quality garlic stuffed green olives along with 5 tablespoons of a coarse chopped green and black olive tapenade made with olive oil and red crushed peppers. I soaked the salted cod until salt taste was gone…the tapenade replaced the needed salt. Keep posting great recipes! Do you have any recipes for spoon bread?

    Not yet but that’s a great idea, thank you! Thanks for the feedback on the recipe too. ~Elise

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