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  1. Michael

    I mostly use beef of grass-fed cows from Uruguay. The meat is usually tougher than the beef of animal-feed fed cows in US. So, I have not been able to get the chuck roast cuts to be soft and tasty. Until I tried your recipe.
    This was by far the best pot roast I have ever made with Chuck Eye Roast cut. It came out tender, juicy and flavorful.
    Thank you Elise!


  2. Lizette

    Great recipe. Love it!


  3. Nancy

    This is absolutely the best roast recipe ever! I add more garlic, carrots and wine. Awesome EVERY time!!!! Thank you for sharing!!


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  4. Rob

    I suggest adding potatoes of your choice, about twice the carrots and a few stalks of celery as well as some beef broth (or, even better, 1 can of Campbell’s Consume, don’t dilute, it adds an intensely delicious flavor, super savory). You have a one pot meal then. That’s what I did for this recipe and it was still killer. I’m a one pot kind of guy when I can be. Still, if you don’t like it like that, I’m sure it’ll be great as suggested, the stock coming out of this is mind blowing.

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  5. Jackie Durant

    My roast came out great both times that I have made it. The roast was tender and moist and delicious!


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