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  1. Thomas

    It took three attempts and a better 3qt saucepan. These are outstanding! Just learning the dynamics of cooking sweets. I make two batches of these every week now. Even the first two failed attempts were delicious but one too sticky and the other hard and grainy. I increased Vanilla to 1 1/2 tsp… the tasters have spoken. Learning how to spoon them out quickly and uniformly takes some practice. Definitely have everything you need measured out and pans ready to go. No phone calls or door bells at crunch time. I learned to make them from this page because I enjoy eating them and they are healthy for me in moderation. I suppose I enjoy the challenge. Rewarding to say the very least. Thanks for a winning recipe.


  2. Diane

    Delicious! The secret is to cook them long enough but not too long! Cooking the sugar, baking soda and milk mixture on very low for 5-6 minutes before turning the heat up to medium also helps. It helps dissolve the sugars which makes for a better candy. Also, make sure your stirring the mixture a lot at the end until they are the right consistency and then quickly portion out your individual candies. This recipe is the best I’ve tried. Thanks for sharing!!!



    Delicious. Just make sure to add 2 pinches of salt to make the Candy Savory and not too sweet. Easy to make as well.


  4. Withan Lemmon

    I made these on my gas stove for the first time and the first time ever they came out chewy. Is the temperature too low? Did they get to the temperature too fast (seemed fast)? Usually, if I mess them up they are too crumbly or never set up at all.

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  5. gracie

    You’re so very welcome

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