No ImagePressure Cooker Beef Brisket

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  1. Mary Taylor

    I have had great success with your Instant Pot recipes. I would like to make this beef brisket with a 1 lb piece of meat. How long should I cook? Can I use the same amount of fluid to make gravy?
    Thank you.

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  2. Melanie L

    This recipe did not work at all in a standard pressure cooker. In fact I ended up with a completely ruined piece of meat. :(

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  3. Rebecca

    How would you do this recipe with a stovetop (non-electric) pressure cooker?

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  4. Laura B Courson

    Where do the carrots come into play. No mention of them at all.

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  5. Michael Langevin

    This is good. I also use mine for other tuff pieces of meat. I do beef heart the same way as the brisket, sear and cook. One can also “reverse sear” if you want a more seared flavor and look on the meat. Just place brisket in the highest oven temp that you can for a bout 6-8 min after cooking do not sear the first time. I aso cook chicken gizzards seared then cooked and make a strogonoff gravey with sour cream paprika mustard etc and place over egg noodles. Gizzard stroganoff sounds funny but is delishous and very tender.

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