No ImageInstant Pot Beef Brisket

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  1. Christopher Weber

    This was quick and relatively easy, but most importantly delicious! The gravy was excellent. (We had fresh rosemary and thyme in the garden and a decent bottle of red zin) The beef was tender. We included the multicolored carrots and we had hash browns instead of latkes, but it all went together nicely!


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  2. Cathy

    Delicious !!!
    I added a little brown sugar & chilli salt while I was reducing the puréed gravy at the end…..yum! You could also add some sour cream at the end to make a creamy sauce. Will definitely make again.


  3. Lynn

    Can’t wait to try this – sounds amazing. But had to comment and say THANK YOU for the kosher instructions – I see so many “passover” recipes that make no mention of making sure you have passover appropriate ingredients and/or where to find them. Thankfully I personally know and follow this information – but… for others it’s wonderful to see someone take the time to point out how to do it the “correct” way if it’s important to them. Thank you.

  4. Barb

    Super easy recipe, that produced delicious roast and even better gravy. I used a 2.75 lb cut, added a bit more flavor (better than bullion and a few squirts of date syrup for the holiday). This may become my go-to brisket recipe.


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  5. Laurie

    This is fabulous! I had a whole brisket and dedicated the flatter part to the seasonal corning. ☘️ I looked at that wonky leftover end (a good 4 lbs but probably 3.5 by the time I cut out some of the fat) and thought Instant Pot! Your recipe fit the bill and soooo good. I will be checking out your cookbook. Thank you for posting. This a keeper!


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