No ImagePressure Cooker Butternut Squash Soup

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  1. Rozanne

    How would you adapt it using frozen cubed squash?

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  2. Suzanne

    This sounds so good and I am going to the store to get the Granny Smith Apples. I have a question, Can this soup be canned for later use. I love to have soups around and I can most of them but have never tried this. Would it be safe to can it.

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  3. Kimberliah

    This is a good basic recipe. I had to really fiddle with the seasoning so it wasn’t so bland. I ended up adding smoked Chipotle paprika a tiny bit at a time until it had a nice savory taste.


  4. Janey

    Delicious, but just a couple tiny comments. The “Normal” setting on my Instant Pot cooks way hotter than I’d ever cook on my stovetop. Would not recommend sauteeing on high. I did saute onions first, then added some garlic along with the other veggies. I used some small-ish squashes from my CSA; would definitely have cooked for less time. Finally, @Chris — freshly grated nutmeg is the only way to go! (A little Microplane nutmeg grater makes it easier then using pre-grated nutmeg.)

  5. dale goodloe

    I don’t have an InstaPot – just a regular, stove top pressure cooker. Couldn’t figure out how to fix it in that.

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