1. Jaana

    I absolutely love all the recipes on “Simply Recipes ” everything has always turned out delicious. I want to try this pressure cooker cheese cake, I have a pressure cooker that does not have a timer or setting, just an old school pressure cooker. Can I make it in that ? Just cook it for the 32 minutes with the pressure valve just barely letting off steam? Or is it not worth trying? Thank you so much !!

  2. Maisie Wong

    OMG! The New York cheese cake is amazing! I couldn’t imagine making a cheesecake in an Instant Pot until I did it. It was so easy and tasted awesome!

  3. Lynne

    Ok, the cheesecake recipe in an Instapot was the final straw… I’m ordered one yesterday. Thanks Emma!

  4. Rich Cornia

    I can’t wait to try the cheesecake recipe. I’ve always been intimidated to make a cheesecake (because I thought it would take too long and be too fussy). This sounds super simple.

  5. kim murphy

    I am sooo making that cheesecake!!

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