No ImagePressure Cooker Green Beans with Tomatoes and Bacon

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  1. Jared

    Just amazing


  2. Jill K.

    Summer feedback here. I made a vegetarian version, substituting 2 Tbsp olive oil for the bacon and it was wonderful. Used green beans from our garden that we forgot to pick for a few days and were a bit *mature. Also subbed homegrown grape tomatoes for the canned and added some extra salt. Will definitely make again.


  3. Rose

    I made this for Christmas dinner last night and they were SO GOOD. I wanted to eat them all. They somehow taste sweet–in a good way, like maybe from the carmelization of the onions, or I guess maybe from the little bit of sugar in the bacon? Anyway, I plan to make them on Christmas for the rest of my life. (Not that it’s hard to do, so will probably make it other times as well.)


  4. Eric

    Do you remove the bacon after frying it in the pressure cooker with the onions? Otherwise wouldn’t it be overcooked leaving it in?

    My mom hates bacon though. Does leaving it out affect the taste much or is there a tasty sub?

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  5. Mary Taylor

    I recently received an Instant Pot which I love. Just made the green beans with tomato’s and bacon. Delicious. Can I double the recipe? If so, how long do I cook them and do I double all ingredients

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