No ImagePressure Cooker Porcupine Meatballs

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  1. Mike

    Awesome & easy to make . Needs a bit more no calorie brown sugar


  2. Carol

    Fabulous and easy! Had all ingredients in my pantry.


  3. Chris

    Delicious! I did not brown the meatballs first (just how we make them) and they came out perfectly.


  4. Jo

    This recipe tasted just like what we used to have when we were kids in the 1950-60s! Mom used the recipe from her Betty Crocker cookbook, and she made it in her pressure cooker so it was quick and easy.

    Thank you for reviving such good memories; my kids and grandkids love it too!


  5. Melanie

    I actually have this recipe in a set of recipe cards I got when I got married in 1974.

    I’m not so sure all recipes are adaptable for the instant pot. But I am going to give it a try .
    Another thing is I brown all meats on saute
    before cooking in my instant pot. I believe browning gives it a better flavor and not just boiling my meat. If your meatballs)or any meat) sticks then it is simply not ready to turn. It just needs to cook longer. This is true on the stovetop also.

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