No ImagePressure Cooker Saag Tofu (Indian Spinach and Tofu)

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  1. Michele

    The flavors were so good! Unfortunately, mine came out VERY watery. That maybe have been because I used light coconut milk since my store was out of regular. I tried thickening some with flour, butter and later Greek yogurt. That helped a little but the consistency was still off. Will try again!


  2. terry

    Outstanding! A real winner!

  3. Alison

    I added a TBS of Madras curry paste. I used fresh spinach, which took 3 minutes on high pressure, then an immediate pressure drop. Delicious!


  4. Shane

    Do you need to make any alterations to use fresh spinach? Thanks

    • Coco Morante

      Hi Shane!

      If you’re using fresh spinach, stir it in right after sautéing the ginger and garlic. It’ll take a minute or two to wilt down, and then you can stir in the tomatoes, tofu, etc. and continue with the recipe.

  5. Sabrina!

    Added turmeric and cumin to the spices. It was tasty but came out VERY watery. Had to put it back into saute mode after pressure cooking to get rid of some of the liquid.


  6. carissa

    I’m eating this right now, and it’s absolutely delicious. So simple, easy, and scrumptious. Thank you for the wonderful recipe!!


  7. Lia

    I made this last week. I misread the instructions and accidentally pressure cooked it for 10 minutes so the spinach was over cooked. Sigh. The tofu was perfect though.

    I’m not convinced the amount of coconut milk was sufficient as written. I had to add much more to get close to the flavor that I’ve had in restaurants. I don’t want to pass judgement though since I messed up the cook time. Will try again and report back.

    • Coco Morante

      Hi Lia,

      I do like mine on the lighter side (the oil adds richness too), but you can definitely add extra coconut milk for more creaminess if you like! Hope it goes better next time with the shorter cooking time!


  8. Sharon Benum

    Can you freeze this?

    • Coco Morante

      Yes, you can! The tofu will likely take on a chewier, more open texture when defrosted, but it will still be tasty.

  9. [email protected]

    Hello Emma, a few days back I bookmarked the recipe and today I tried it. I always feel trouble making saag but your method of cooking in pressure cooker makes it super easy. It was so delicious.

  10. Margaret

    I too would like to know how to cook this on the stove top. Please respond.

  11. Neri Kawashima

    Hi I have been trying the recipes from your blog for a while now and I really want to try this but I have no pressure cooker. How do I make it with just a stove top pot? I welcome any suggestions.

  12. Marguerite

    I don’t plan to buy yet another kitchen appliance. How long to cook this on the stove? Would you still add the spices at the end?

  13. Soupayan

    I am a fan of this website since the time it was a blog! Wanted to share my version for this dish :-)
    For enhanced aroma, we use a mix of fresh Spinach and Fenugreek leaves. Or you may use the dried Fenugreek Leave called “Kasuri methi”. Both fresh and dired version are available in Indian Grocery stores. While using fresh fenugreek leaves, we use them in 3:1 ratio of spinach and fenugreek. Dried ones have stronger aroma so only 2-3 tablespoon is sufficient. We boil the leaves together in little water till they wilt then blend slightly using an immersion blender.

  14. Alida @My Little Italian Kitchen

    The smell must be so delicious when you cook this! And love using coconut milk as it makes meals so creamy. Very nice recipe, thank you.

  15. Christine

    I bought an Instant Pot just a few weeks ago. Just yesterday I was wondering if Saag Paneer would be a good dish to try in the IP! I can’t wait to try your recipe.

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