No ImageProvencal Seafood Bisque

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  1. Mark Collins

    As I prepared this recipe for a dinner last week, I had hoped this bisque would resemble in taste the fine bisques I enjoy at two of my favorite local establishments. It did not disappoint! My wife and I were stunned at the rich, savory flavor and smooth texture of this recipe! I couldn’t get enough of it, and will be making it again tonight! Thanks!!


  2. Deborah Frati

    So I just made this for a ladies’ luncheon. It seems a bit thin and weak. How can I correct this? More cream might thicken the bisque more but also dilute the flavor further. Perhaps I should top with some crab meat for richness?

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  3. Gwox

    Just added some hot smoked salmon to this dish and it seemed to lift the flavour looking forward to using the left over as a sauce over a grilled fish fillet, great recipe easy to follow. Thank Hank.

  4. Robert

    How far in advance can I make the soup prior to serving it at a dinner party?

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  5. Chrissa

    Just made this bisque – thank you for such a simple recipe which can be made after work! I flaked some fish in it as well for more texture – worked well.
    Looking forward to trying this technique but with prawns/shrimp instead

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