No ImageQuesadilla

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  1. Brionna

    It was delicious


  2. Julianne Cook

    Delicious!!! Thank you!


  3. Lilo

    One of my favorite recipes! You have so many options with this meal too.


  4. Amy

    I like to put the pan on medium heat while I grab the ingredients. I very lightly put some dabs of butter on one side of the tortilla and put it in the pan, using a pair of tongs to move it around so the butter coats evenly. Then I immediately put the cheese on and reduce heat only a little. The cheese is almost melted by the time the tortilla starts to bubble. 30 seconds later, the bottom is brown and cheese fully melted. I use the tongs to grab an edge and drag it onto my plate and quickly fold in half. Works great and I can get everything put away while the cheese melts. Takes only a little over 5 minutes for a yummy snack :D

  5. Lucy

    I found recipe to be delicious. I had no difficulty using butter to cover the pan. I would try to use a spatula next go around because my hands were a little tender from the heat. I wanted to add onions but could not find the cutting board. This is a very good recipe to know. Thanks so much.


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