No ImageQuesadilla Pie

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  1. Reese

    It was a hit with the kids! I did one flavor-layer with rice, black beans and salsa; the second layer with thinly sliced apples and smoked gruyere. The flour tortillas from Trader Joes worked beautifully. I’m going to work up some bananas foster-y version of a dessert with this concept, hey, it’s just gotta be done.


  2. Jane

    I made this yesterday and it will now be a staple in my diet. I added a can of Mexican corn that I had in my pantry and it was fabulous!


  3. Elisha

    These quesadilla pies ROCK! I used some left over roasted Anaheim Chile’s into the filling (left over from Green Chile Enchiladas on your website) and it is perfect! My kids loved it too. This will be a new recipe added to my FAVORITES … I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before! Thanks.


  4. Joy

    We LOVE quesadillas at our house and cannot wait to try this recipe! Thanks for a wonderful website. Its fun, easy to navigate and the food looks scrumptious! I am a busy student and this looks like it would be quick and easy and tasty too. Can similar results be had with low-fat tortillas and ingredients? We are trying to “watch our waistlines” so I am searching for recipes that fit that bill. Thanks!

    We don’t do low fat anything here, so I wouldn’t know what to advise you. But why don’t you try it and see? ~Elise

  5. Annette

    I stumbled across this recipe, while looking for “something more” than quesadillas. After reading the multitude of complimentary reviews I had to try it. The butter is a must! I also used the springform pan (a wonderful idea – it made the transfer to a serving platter & clean-up a breeze) My layers were 1-cheese blackbeans, onions, & chopped green chilies 2-cheese, & canned like Rotel)next layer was the same as the first – I did add more cheese on top to make the lid stick. To quote my family – “this one is a winner”. “please make this again soon & “please make two next time so we might have leftovers”. Oh yes, this is comfort food. Thank you for a new family favorite!


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