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  1. Gil

    Thanks for the recipe. I never cook and certainly have never made a quiche. And this was gorgeous and delicious!


  2. Georgina

    Made my first quiche delish! Glad I took in note about If using pan with removable bottom, be sure to place a rimmed baking sheet underneath as it did leak a bit. Added sautéed mushrooms which cooked in pan with the bacon fat for added flavour. Had extra pastry so made two little tartlets as well. Made a second batch of dough which I have purple in the freezer to roll out next time. Thank s for the the recipe.


  3. Tedi

    I tried other quiche Lorraine recipes but this one is my favorite because I don’t do onions and the chives are a super touch without the heavy oniony taste!
    I use the 50/50 Swiss/gruyere package from Aldi and it works out perfectly! A favorite to everyone I’ve served it to!


  4. Evelyn Anderson

    Boom my quieshes or quiesh came out great


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  5. Carolyn Haas

    This was my first quiche. I used a frozen crust, less bacon, part 1/2 and 1/2 and part skim milk, and shredded swiss cheese. It had to cook about 45 minutes until it still “had a little wiggle” but it seemed quite runny when I cut the pieces. Nonetheless, it was delicious!


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