No ImageQuick Pasta Bolognese Sauce

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  1. Virginia

    I’ve made it, but, unfortunately don’t like the milk in it. Second time I made it without the milk and loved it. It’s only because I hate milk. It’s not the recipe.

  2. Janice

    Receip sounds good. Do you half the quantities for 2 people of will it freeze? Janice

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  3. Kara

    Love it! My modifications based on what I had were garlic butter, and kefir instead of whole milk – super tasty!!!


  4. Janna

    We made it with ground turkey as that’s what we had on hand, DELICIOUS!

  5. Kathleen

    I usually use Marcella Hazan’s recipe and have for years. But I do t always hay the 3+ hours that requires, and when my stressed-out 13-yr-old wanted Bolognese, I turned to this. Is it as good as Marcella’s ? No. But it hits the same flavor notes ( I did add a little nutmeg, to be fair) and it is REALLY good…nice to have this in my back pocket for When it’s a “meat sauce ” night but it’s already 5PM and we’d like to eat before midnight lol…thank you!

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