No ImageQuick Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese

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  1. Cliff

    Great recipe! My cheese sauce came out velvety smooth. The key is drizzling in the milk, which is steaming; and then being really slow with the cheese! I make a lot of cheese fondue, so it was similar in technique! Kids LOVED it!


  2. Janet

    This is the best Macaroni and cheese I’ve made. Great recipe.. Easy, creamy and very tasty. I have a similar recipe that adds peas and Canadian bacon. I think the trick is the lemon juice.


  3. Lynn

    My suggestion is for the leftovers. For a second meal, cut the leftover mac and cheese into serving size squares and fry on both sides in melted butter. It gets real brown and crispy and truly tasty. Enjoy.

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  4. melissa

    can you subsitute all purpose flour instead of cornstarch

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  5. Tracie

    Easy and oh so good! It was also easy to cut the recipe in half for two. The sauce did turn gritty once it cooled a bit. Any recommendations on how to avoid that?

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