No ImageQuince Jelly

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  1. Sharon

    I made this for the first time 3 years ago. Wonderful easy recipe, turned out wonderful. Now a family favourite. I have just started cooking this year’s batch. The house smells devine

  2. Jane

    I’ve just made up this years batch of juice straining now. I hope it’s as good as last years jelly. Superb…

  3. Robert

    what colour should the syrup be before sugar is added

  4. Carlene

    lovely, tasty, tart, delightful jelly. Rare to have quince in this area, but found 2 yards that have them and the owners glad to give me the fruit in exchange for some jelly. So pretty in the jar—rosey/orange but darkens to a dark orange in about 6 months. a big hit with everyone that gets a jar.


  5. Peg

    Delicious, but could not get it to set.


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