No ImageRabbit Cacciatore

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  1. Lee

    Great recipe. I made it more of a Cajun spiced dish. Added some extra veggies I had a taste for. Oh, and instead of simmering it i baked it with the tomatoes ontop…it came out fantastically! I will definitely make this a go to dish.


  2. Jennifer

    Found frozen rabbit for Easter in Texas at HEB!
    Will definitely search out other sources, but loved that it was the whole sectioned rabbit w/giblets!

  3. jack burton

    There are many families who raise bunnies for their meat source all around the country. Most of them would be happy to sell some of their ready-to-butcher young rabbits to someone in the neighborhood. They will usually butcher and dress it for a little extra money.

    Finding them can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, though. The local 4-H club might be able to give a source for you.

    I just finished a bowl of rabbit soup for lunch. I am diabetic and rabbit is considered a very good meat for me. High in protein and other good stuff but low in cholesterol and fat.

    Be sure to know the age of the rabbit when butchered. The ideal age for tenderness is 4 to 8 months. After 1 year they work best in a longer cooked stew or soup, or made into sausage.

  4. Rick

    If you’re near Brooksville FL I can hook you up with young, tasty rabbits.

  5. Alex

    I made this with a few slight changes (because I can’t follow a recipe to save my life). I added some Rotel chilies and shredded the meat instead of cooking it in chunks. It was absolutely delicious. Thanks for posting this recipe!


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